If you could choose only one food marketing tool, which would it be?


For many food and beverage marketers, this is a familiar dilemma. With so many budget demands to bring a product to market . . . distribution channels, promotions, advertising, both traditional and online, social media . . . one of the most effective marketing tools often becomes an afterthought. Packaging.

Packaging places brands directly into the hands of consumers because it’s tangible. Packaging is the one touch point that shoppers can’t ignore, and very often is the purchase decision clincher. However, to be a successful food and beverage marketing tool, packaging has to be much more than an afterthought. Here is what well designed packaging can do.

Packaging is a brand’s showcase. Eye-catching, well designed packaging delivers a great deal of food brand and product exposure. It creates space to highlight product benefits, tell the brand’s story, and elevate the brand’s positioning and value proposition.

Packaging is an information source. Consumers are much more savvy in their food purchasing decisions. Several recent studies have all indicated that more consumers are reading ingredient lists and nutrition facts, along with product recipes and suggested uses.

Packaging is an opportunity to redefine a product category. Consumers have long complained about food product packaging in terms of ease of opening, keeping products fresh with re-sealable closures, ease of at-home storage, and recyclable materials.  Packaging provides the opportunity, through the use of innovative materials and configurations, to break the packaging mold within a food product category and redefine the category.

Packaging is a food brand’s most direct link with consumers. If it is well designed and compelling, it is the one, “must have” marketing tool every brand needs to succeed.

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