Consumers are becoming more distrustful of the food industry.


Consumers appear to be more concerned and less trusting of the U.S. food supply. A recent survey conducted by a Wall Street food industry analyst reveals the following about growing current consumer sentiment regarding food safety and nutrition:

  • A majority of surveyed consumers, 55%, indicated they are becoming more distrustful of the food industry, an increase from 48% in 2013.
  • There has been a 10% increase in consumers concerned about food safety. Sixty -nine percent of those recently surveyed  expressed genuine concern about the volume of recent food related recalls over issues of salmonella and listeria contamination. Since January of this year there have been over 60 such recalls.
  • Survey participants were also queried about nutritional issues and were asked to assign importance to 20 health and wellness related food issues.  Sixty-three percent of respondents indicated that protein was the most important nutritional issue to them, up from 59% in 2013.
  • Consumers concerns about foods that are GMO, hormone, and antibiotic free have increased since the 2013 survey. Over 45% of respondents, compared to 42% in 2013, expressed that GMO-free food is a health concern,  and 56% named antibiotic and hormone free as important health concerns, an increase from 51% in 2013.

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