It’s a great time to be a supermarket.

An August, 2011 Harris Poll, by Harris Interactive, indicates that the public seems to love its supermarkets. The survey, which began in 1997, measures the public’s perception of how well twenty-two of the nation’s largest industries serve their consumers. With an 80% good job minus bad job (90% good job – 10% bad job) perception, supermarkets scored first on the list as doing a good job in serving it’s consumers. For comparison sake, oil companies scored -31% (33% good job – 64% bad job). Packaged food companies fared very well also at 47% (71% good job – 24% bad job). It seems that the food industry in general is positioned in a very positive light, which offers a great opportunity for individual food industry producers and marketers to build consumer loyalty. Several other industries in this survey would love to be in that position.

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Please don’t tax my fat-slam favs!

Apparently, Denmark has taken the dare…taxing food products and items based on the amount of saturated fat they contain. Presumably, there is an expectation that individuals will alter their food selections and make healthier choices based on the “tax stick”. Everyone’s favorites are on the hit list…pizza, cheeseburgers, butter, milk, cheese. The tax tab averages around $3 for every 2 pounds of saturated fat. I wonder if Denmark’s beloved namesake pastry is also on the fat tax hit list. Care for a Danish, anyone?

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Supermarket self-checkout . . . gone so soon?

No more than 10 years ago, self-checkout made its debut in supermarkets. Consumers were split in their attitudes, with only 22% of shoppers finally embracing the concept several years after its introduction. According to the Food Marketing Institute, only 16% of shoppers were using self-checkouts in 2010. It appears that most shoppers do prefer face-to-face interaction with clerks while checking out, which is driving many chains to scale back the number of self-checkouts or to phase them out altogether. Aging technology may also be a factor, according to Santa Monica, CA food industry analyst Phil Lempert, as stores will need to replace self-checkout computers in coming years to accommodate emerging changes in bar codes. Will self-checkouts be missed, maybe more so after the fact . . . you tell me?

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Welcome to The Taste Blog!

We want to welcome everyone to Taste Advertising, Branding, Packaging’s new website and the new Taste Blog. We will be posting comments of interest and, perhaps of some amusement, about the advertising, branding, and marketing of food and beverage products. We invite you to share your thoughts an anecdotes as we keep abreast of what is happening in our industry.

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