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Is packaging a wise branding investment or just an expense?

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In most food product categories, the field is very crowded and the competition is fierce. Consumers often don’t perceive differences between brands in any given food product category unless a brand has made a concerted effort to connect with consumers and differentiate itself.

Product quality and performance are key differentiators, and the first in-store opportunity brands have to distinguish themselves is on-shelf through their packaging.  So, you have to ask, why do so many brands undermine their success at the shelf level with mundane “me too” packaging?

A 2014 Packaging Matters/WestRock (formerly MeadWestvaco Corp.) study underlines the importance and value of packaging as a significant purchasing influencer.  When asked about the influence of packaging on their purchasing decisions as new purchasers, repeat purchasers, and dissatisfied purchasers, survey respondents offered the following insights:

  • New purchasers: 65% indicated that packaging was a major factor in their first-time purchase decision.
  • Repeat purchasers: 55% indicated that their repeat purchase decision was driven by favorable experience with product packaging.
  • Dissatisfied purchasers: 50% indicated that they switched brands because of unfavorable experience with product packaging.
Packaging is the most tangible presentation of brands, at the most important touch point in the purchase decision-making process, in-store at the shelf level. Brands have about 5-7 seconds of a consumer’s attention to make a favorable impression and create a desire to choose their brand over competitors. The reality is that for consumers, the product = the product + packaging. Well designed packaging that reinforces brand values, positioning, and product attributes is a very wise brand investment.
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