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Food trends. What’s in store for 2016?


Many global food and beverage trends are already changing consumers’ perspectives, and that will only intensify as we enter 2016. Here a few of these trends and the opportunities they present to food and beverage marketers.

  1. Looks good enough to share: Food focused media has provided the conduit for visually sharing one’s food creations, particularly among millennials. This often includes brand specific ingredient mentions and comments.
  2. Fat loses some of its stigma: Consumers have become more informed about good fats versus bad fats and are no longer avoiding all fats. They’re reading food product labels and choosing wisely.
  3. Food as health and beauty products: Consumers have a growing awareness of the relationship of food to how one looks and feels. They are looking for more functional foods and beverages enhanced with nutraceuticals such as probiotics and collagen.
  4. Eating solo is ok: Across all demographics, more consumers are experiencing more occasions to dine alone. They are looking for appealing food products and meal kits sized for single diners.
  5. Sports nutrition works out for everyone: Consumers are becoming more active, at all age and fitness levels. They want to fuel their bodies for their individual performance levels with appropriately formulated sports nutrition products.
  6. Product claims under fire: Consumers are scrutinizing product claims at unprecedented levels. They are reading food product labels more frequently and asking more questions. Nutrition facts and brand stories on packaging are becoming a primary source of information for consumers.
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